Galen G. Graham, P.C., D.C.


Dr. Graham was born in Denver and grew up in Colorado Springs, graduating from Cheyenne Mountain High School. In 1971 he graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic located in St. Louis, Missouri earning the degree "Doctor of Chiropractic".
In returning to start his active chiropractic practice, Dr. Graham immediately got involved in the community volunteering his time as a sports team physician for at least 5 area high schools. He generously donated his services to these young athletes, sharing with them ways to be superior in their sports and scholastic activities while teaching them ways to maintain their health and minimize the use of prescription medications.

On a personal level, Dr. Graham has been involved in many activities like bowling and sponsoring and playing fast-pitch softball. He presently enjoys racquetball, fishing and hunting in his spare time. When time allows, he enjoys working on a variety of wood projects.

He and his wife Barbara have been married 43 years and she is actively working in the office. They have a grown daughter, Jennifer who lives in Denver and works in the airline industry. Growing up, she too worked in the office and has assisted in health fairs and outside events. She continues to receive regular chiropractic care.

Doctor Graham was first introduced to chiropractic when in high school after an athletic injury. Not being able to perform to his personal expectations led him to a local chiropractor who helped his body get on track after a short time. After noticing the great results he had achieved, his father suggested that his mother, who had suffered from severe Migraines for many years, see if this approach might be of help to her. At that point she had tried everything traditional medicine had to offer. It took a little longer before his mother began to see results, but she did. It was life-changing for their entire family.


It has been my joy to be involved with this practice since Dr. Graham opened his doors over 40 years ago. Chiropractic has changed the quality of so many of our patients' lives over the years, and it is nice to be a part of something that has and still is making such a difference.

Most of my office administrative responsibilities are handled at home, but I truly enjoy being at the office interacting with our terrific patients and staff. I handle a lot of paperwork, filing and general office duties while in the office. When patients need therapies or other types of personal support, I offer my assistance.

As you leave our office, I want you to know each of us cares and will do our very best to make sure your expectations are met.


Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1971. Other degrees: National College 300 hours in orthopedics; Parker Seminar/college 300 hours in radiology. Memberships: American Chiropractic Assn, Colorado Chiropractic Assn, Foundation for Health and Wellness


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