Dr. Graham

I have been coming to you for around a year, and I feel you are the first doctor I have met, in your profession, who truly wants to help people and make them better and not just in it for the money.

I came to you with a lot of medical problems, but you were not afraid of them. What brought me in to see you was a torn rotator cuff muscle in my right arm. I had gone to different doctors, even surgeons, and no one would touch me. By the time I got to you, my arm was dangling and I was told I would never use it again. Little did I know, the Lord had brought me to the one person that loves people so much that he wants to make things better. I was in so much pain, but you were so gentle and thorough and within a week, the pain was better. I was so thankful for my friend that told me about you. My arm is healed completely now.

You have done so much for me, but the following help was the greatest. I had been in the hospital for four days, and came out with my left hip hurting. I didn't think much about it until the pain was going down my leg and up my back. It got to the point that I couldn't walk. My friend asked why I hadn't gone to see you. So I did, and, and you were able to get me in the same day. I needed help getting into your office, but after your adjustment I could walk out on my own.

You have a special gift Dr. Graham. You are always happy, and you care so much for your patients. You treat us all the same, as well as does your staff. They are always cheerful and ready to help in any way they can.

I bless the day the Lord brought me to this office. My whole life has been changed from knowing all of you.

I wanted to write this letter to try and tell you a little on how I feel.

Your friend always,

  • Golda Woffard



Turning the doorknob to Dr. Graham's chiropractic office can be the most beneficial health service one can do for their body. You will be greeted by Susan, who is very professional, Barbara who decorates the office in beautiful holiday spirit, patient wall photos and cookies with hot cider and Heidi loves to perform electric stimulus and electric vibrator treatment. Doc Graham provides the best in chiropractic care - in professions there are average, fair, exceptional, but he is "Super Doc".

In 1959, I encountered a back injury in high school wrestling class. The medical profession prescribed pain pills - thank goodness my mother took me to a chiropractor - 3 times a week for 8 months. It did the job! For the past 45 years I have used various methods for treatment for this condition--they were tying a tee shirt around my waist, use of a 3-4" leather belt above my waist, a portable whirlpool in the bath tub and just rest for the occasional back pain. At times I would go to a chiropractor. In 2006, the company I was employed with had a Dr. Graham chiropractic display trailer appear on site. I decided to give them a try. The timing was right as I had the lower back symptoms and a left shoulder pain. I am on the monthly tune-up plan and have not had any problem with my shoulder for over 18 months. My back has less episodes and I feel great. In March of this year, I had sharp pain in my left hip area. One treatment (adjustment) gave me instant relief! Not only is Dr. Graham a "Super Doc" he cares and prays for his patients and their families!

Be aware, in his private life, he is known to be seen toting a 5-gallon bucket, shovel and fishing rod. The bucket is for finding quality ants, and the fishing pole for that 30" trout. If you are lucky, you might spot him driving off with his treasures in an old 50's Chevy pickup!

I am truly blessed that he is my chiropractor and hope in my lifetime that doorknob opens for many years to come.

Thank you and God bless him and his staff and practice.

  • Bob Walker


Over the past 32 years, three generations of our family have had the benefit of healthy lives due to regular chiropractic care.

Dr. Graham came into our lives when at age 30 I had a hip and leg pain so bad I could hardly get out of bed. And if I moved just right the pain brought me to my knees. Over the years, Dr. Graham has kept my body in alignment, so I am mobile, pain free and most importantly, healthy. He also corrected my 13 year old son's flat feet and his and my 8 year old daughter's early scoliosis. He is now treating my grandchildren, who ask if it is time for an adjustment when one has headaches or the other is not feeling quite right.

When a machine is well tuned it runs perfectly. And when the body is aligned correctly on a regular basis, chiropractic care will keep it healthy. Dr. Graham does this and more because he has become a family friend, and as such knows the intricacies of our family health.

Three generations thank him regularly for the care and genuine interest he takes in providing chiropractic care for a healthy body.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Jeannie H.

#4 Neurologic Relief Center

My Name is Patti. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Lupus in 1998. My fibro causes constant pain in my neck, knee, shoulders & back and a vibration going throughout my body feeling like that of a cell phone vibrating all the time.

I started reading all the fibro articles, trying to find a treatment that would work for me. I did them all. I started treatments of steroids. I tried hypnosis. Then I tried a hands-on technique with a licensed nurse laying her hands over my body. That was very relaxing but didn't take care of the pain. Then there was the mucinex treatment involving the elimination of foods and elimination of objects that I would come into contact with. Every time I started a new treatment, I was repeating my problems to them, and I was sure it was working out for me.

I had read every article and book on fibro because I wanted to get rid of it. It was ruining everything I was and who I was in life. I read about a doctor in Texas that was doing NRCT and how well patients were responding to his treatments. But he was in Texas and I was in Colorado with no funds to go and stay there.

One day my husband ran into Doctor Graham. My husband came home and told me about their conversation where Dr. Graham explained to him he was learning this very same technique and was eager to use this new procedure with patients.

I was going to become a grandma in March and again in April and I wanted to be a functioning grandma. The BEST grandma. I was so thrilled. After all I'm the one that tries everything!

Well, let me explain to you, this treatment has worked the best of anything I have tried! I have most of my energy back and the majority of my pain is gone! I have gone from working and going to bed every night at 6, to being able to be the grandma I want to be. Recently I was able to go on a camping weekend, not just a few hours but a weekend, and I made it through the entire weekend. I have most of my life back.

Thank God for Dr. Graham and his wonderful staff.

  • Patti

#5 Neurologic Relief Center

I began treatment with Dr. Graham about a year ago and I am literally a different person. In order to best understand I will start with where I was. Most days it was all I could do to drag myself through the day only to get home and crawl into bed. I was in constant pain and after twelve years I had accepted that my passions were no longer going to be a part of "me". There is a difference between "living life" and "living". If you want to return to living life you have come to the right place!

The beautiful Colorado sky is now my view versus my bedroom ceiling. Exactly how did I get to regain the ability to hike, kayak, camp and dance? Well...a woman I work with brought in a flyer about a new technique her chiropractor had started doing called Neurological Relief. It had a free consult and I thought it was nice of her to think of me so I went. I arrived with the "whatever" attitude you gain after going from treatment to treatment without any result/change. I had absolutely no belief that it would do anything whatsoever. Dr. Graham did testing with these metal prods on my neck - it hurt like crazy and I couldn't wait to get the heck out of there! All of a sudden I started to be able to move my right hand. I hadn't been able to close or open my right hand for many years. After the testing I sat up and opened and closed my hand and promptly burst into tears (completely out of character for me). I knew at that point Dr. Graham and this treatment may make a difference in my life. A difference is an understatement - I am living life again!

  • Sarah
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